Chrono Trigger the Musical – Battle with Yakra

Join us as our heroes battle against the evil fiend, Yakra!

Disguised as the Chancellor, this conniving villain serves the dreaded fiend lord, Magus and conspires to destroy the royal family from within their good graces. As a shapeshifter, Yakra has taken the form of the Chancellor and has convinced the royalty of 600 A.D. of his fealty to the crown. Little do they know that this farcical fiend has merely kidnapped the real Chancellor and taken his place with evil intention.

Having just joined our heroes, Frog, Lucca, and Crono make their way into the depths of Manolia Cathedral in search of the abducted Queen Leene. Crono and his friends fight their way through the fiendish hoard before coming face-to-face with the apparent “Chancellor” who reveals himself to be the monster Yakra in disguise. Unfortunately for Yakra, our heroes prove to be a worthy adversary, and with strong hearts and collaboration make quick work of the vile monster, saving the Queen and the Chancellor (hidden away in a treasure chest) in the process.

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