Behind the Voice

Hey There! My name is Darby Cupit and I’m the owner of Waveform Voice Acting. Thank you for taking the time to check out the site. As a voice actor and vocalist I command a broad vocal range (Aflat1-B5), and though I am a natural bass I have comfortably played characters and performed songs in the extremes of my range, notably having played a character with a high range for a year and a half (Papyrus, from Undertale the Musical). Beyond vocal animation work, my experience extends to singing in a variety of music genres including video game music, rock, opera, classical, disco, lounge, Disney, and others.

Voice Actor Darby Cupit

“Voice acting is my passion. I love it because it gives me the opportunity to live truthfully in fantastical situations, bringing joy and wonder to those who see and hear my work.”

I strive to deliver professional quality sound productions in an efficient and friendly manner and have always had a passion for entertaining and bringing characters to life. I find solace in voice acting and singing and it’s a field in which I’m happy to continue to grow my skills.
I take lessons, perform, edit and produce all in an effort to better develop myself further as a professional and as an artist.

I do vocal work because using my voice to bring emotion to characters and music is what drives me. Bringing out the best in a performance that gives others a sense of wonder brings joy and deep meaning to my life.

Performing as a career feels like a privilege every day, and though some days may be more difficult than others, I keep well knowing that I’m doing something I love.